Technical Managment
This service is meant for owners who are comfortable doing the content updates themselves, but who do not have the time or the inclination to look deeper than that. Compare it with driving a car
you'll drive it, put new music into it and wash it, but you leave the tinkering to the garage.
We handle all aspects of technical site management for you. This includes backups, technical version updates, software conflicts resolution and security maintenance. This service is time based and buys you up to 10 hours a month of service. Minimum order per 3 months. (If you want service for shorter period, please use the hourly service)
Turn-Key Realisation 15hrs
We handle the styling of these components and include 2 hours of walkthrough with you in either English or Dutch or Vlaams
Your Joomla site, based on a template you can choose from YooTheme or Joomla 51.

We set up the site complete with your logo, color scheme and initial content for the static areas, up to 10 pages and with a maximum duration of 15 hours of work.

Typically this gives you a professional looking starter site.
We include, as part of our service, components such as blog, events, an online shop, backup, security and appointments.

You can enter multiple order if you want to increase the time in case you want a more complex site.
Assistance 1hr
We provide on-site support and assistance for your website. This can range from advice to training, coaching and actually fixing your site. The latter is usually better done via a package of a few hours. They are cheaper.
Assistance 10 hrs
This is the best package to receive 10 hours of assistance with your project, website or the technical implementation of a business idea.
Full Service Website Management
Our full service takes all the worry of running your site away from you, so that you can concentrate fully on running your business. You receive of up to 40hrs a month of complete service. This includes technical maintenance as well as functional and content assistance and implementation. It even includes looking after your social media needs. Higher plans are available upon request.
Joomla Update Service
We keep your Joomla site updated with the latest version.